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Party Supplies for the Purrfect Party

Hello Kitty Party SuppliesFor the Purrfect Hello Kitty Party!

Hello Kitty Party Supplies
If you’re looking for Hello Kitty party supplies, you’ve come the right place! This Hello Kitty-friendly site has all the Hello Kitty party supplies you’ll need to have the best Hello Kitty party ever. An international fashion symbol, Hello Kitty represents one of the most powerful, albeit unusual, success stories of contemporary marketing. It is, after all, just a cat wearing a red bow.

Anyone would ask, “What is so special about this cat?” Somehow, this cute cat has a deep connection with consumers worldwide–especially girls from 2 years old to pre-teen, but there are also many Hello Kitty fans who are teens and adults into their fifties.

For your Hello Kitty party, you’ll most likely need the following Hello Kitty party supplies:

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Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Make Some of Your Hello Kitty Party Supplies Yourself

Planning a Hello Kitty party is easy and fun. You can buy balloons, go on a Hello Kitty party supplies shopping spree, and check out all the great ideas on this site. If you like, you can make some of your own Hello Kitty party supplies to save money and give your party that personal touch. Here are some easy tips to get you started. I’m sure you can think of more on your own.

If you’d like handmade placemats for your Hello Kitty table, you can make special Hello Kitty face placemats out of construction paper. Find a Hello Kitty face you like, print it out in a big enough size and then trace the shape onto the construction paper and cut it out. You can either glue the face to the placemat or decorate the construction paper directly copying the design from your cutout.

For a Hello Kitty centerpiece, you might cut out a sign you create on the computer that says “Hello Kitty” and “Happy Birthday” with the birthday girl’s first name and attach it to a wooden skewer or wire coat hanger inserted into styrofoam that is stuffed into a pot or decorative bowl. You can then insert more sticks into the foam that have ribbon, toys, balloons, flowers or anything pretty and fun.

Construct a Hello Kitty banner by printing out Hello Kitty faces from your computer, cutting them out and stringing them together with a matching color of yarn or string through a paper-punched hole. If you are creating a Hello Kitty birthday banner (or any other banner with a message), make every other cutout a letter of your message.

Hello Kitty Party Supplies to Make Your Party Special

Hello Kitty is loved the world over by people of all ages and particularly by young girls, teens and older girls who aren’t really girls anymore.

Introduced in the United States in 1976, several female generations have grown up sharing the love of all things Hello Kitty and it has become one of the most popular party themes of all time. After more than three decades, there are literally thousands of Hello Kitty party supplies to choose from simple tableware to full blown costumes, and everything in between.

There are also all kinds of novelty items to make your Hello Kitty party extra special for everyone. So, whether you’re a Hello Kitty lover yourself—or the parent, friend or relative of a Hello Kitty fan—welcome! We sincerely hope you enjoy finding the purrfect Hello Kitty party supplies for you and your event.



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